Our last time in Langeveen

This week we had to go to Langeveen again, pffff. For those who don’t know: if you have to go to Langeveen, you have to drive 45 minutes to arrive in a tiny town. The sports hall is located in a primary school and is very small. The ceiling is low and the space next to the fields is very limited. This is why we were not excited to go there, but of course, we do everything no for a nice game of volleyball. 

Before the match we had a lovely dinner at Janneke’s house. It was especially lovely because as we ate a newly invented dish: curry soup. This newly invented dish is a variant on a traditional curry, but with a higher liquid content. One consumes it by dipping naan bread into the liquid. Absorbing the liquid and slowly but surely turning the curry soup back into curry. This eating experience was enriching and delicious at the same time. All in all, we were well fed for the match. 

Once we made it to Langeveen, we were a bit late for the warming up. So we got changed quickly and started out warming up. As we were already in a hurry, the intensely loud techno music didn’t help. Nonetheless, we started the game with our spirits high, ready to go. 

But, we should have known better. We have started to recognise a pattern in our last few matches: we always loose the first set. And, as we are a team which likes traditions, we were unconsciously determined to keep the traditions in play. So, we lost the first set. 

But, because we are a better team, we won the second and third sets. In the fourth set, it got difficult again. We couldn’t get the pass under control, leading to a very big gap halfway through the set. Even though we did still come back a bit, it was not enough. 

Another one of our traditions is that once we get to a fifth set, we win it easily. Maybe this is because we know we are better and know this is our last chance. Or maybe this is because the opponent is really tired at this point. Well, for whatever reason it is, we of course have to keep this tradition alive, so we won the fifth set. 

You may now be thinking that this was the match. Well, I can tell you that there was another match happening simultaneously. This was a match that one might refer to as: who can sing and scream the loudest? For a long time, it was a neck to neck race.  Whenever we started singing, they tried to out sing us. But, we never back from a fight, and of course we won. 

All in all, this was the last time we had to go all the way to Langeveen. So, that was the third victory of the day. One might call this a successful game. A game that we celebrated extensively by sitting in the car for way too long…


The contribution is very high

That’s why we gave a five-setters a try

The ceiling was very low

With outside the last bits of snow

Conclusion of the day: in Langeveen we don’t want to die. 

Wedstrijd info

Thuis team Flash Stars Dames 4
Gast team Dames 7
Datum 19-01-2024 21:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Locatie de Gaarf
Kerklaan 2
7679VG Langeveen
Uitslag 2 - 3
Sets 25-23, 23-25, 21-25, 25-18, 6-15