Vrivo? More like four-ooh

Dear Barbies,

The Kens have been absent from the blog scene for a while, as they were engaged in a vicious beach off vs schoolwork, but after the overwhelming barbie presence at our last match, we had to come back and Kenpresent. After our resounding victory over the third place in our pool, Flash Stars, we finally were within reach of 4th place, as we were only 2 points behind both 3rd and 4th place (we were one match ahead of them though). Due to this, the only chance we had of getting to third would be if we could obliterate Vrivo with a 4-0, not only giving ourselves 5 points but also taking them away from them. Thus, we summoned our loyal Barbies with promises of Pitcher Adts and our spectacular beauty, and began the game.

Immediately, our superiority was clear. In the first set, Roel Ken hit balls hard enough to break through concrete(though if anyone asks how the wall in SC4 broke it was the kids that were there before us), Ziad Ken set balls right into Pablo Kens hand, creating a devastating rain of balls that Vrivo simply couldn't Kenpete with. Ane Ken, Czarek Ken, and Nelson Ken blocked them hard enough to shatter their motivation, with only their number 40 dejectedly singing their anthem. After such a set, we entered the second set with a spring in our step and Barbie on our minds. As we began the set, our lovely barbies, along with Yildirim Ken, Ziad Ken, and Arnout Ken, empowered us through our favorite Haramsongs, and with the help of Kai Ken's sets and Quincy Ken's spikes we quickly took the 2nd set home.

Timon Ken and Mikal Ken, our favorite Kenoaches, reminded us that we shouldn't let our guard down for the 3rd set, as they are fourth in the pool for a reason, and we were entering the set with an almost completely new team. Sadly, it turned out that they were correct, as always. As our passes began lacking in quality, the play became more and more chaotic, where neither us nor Vrivo could score any points, with smart tips and silly mistakes being the only ways that points would end. This continued till 20-20, where after a series of bone shattering saves by Thiseas Ken (which he is still recovering from while writing his favorite blog) we finally took the lead. with a 23-21. In our moment of need, pinch-server Ziad Ken started off our rallies fabolously, while Alex Ken pulled out his A-game, and using his signature Roll-shots mesmerized both teams, resulting in an easy win for us. After this close set, it was time to lock in. Arnout Ken entered the field, and we all knew it was over. After a series of chaotic but entertaining rallies, we took the lead, and finished the game off with bang (they missed their final serve and we won :() 

After such a lovely game, it was time to celebrate, and pay back our Barbie's loyalty by chugging some beer. Every Ken chugged at least 1 beer each, except of Thiseas Ken who discovered that he was diseased, and thus gave Mikal Ken 3 anytimers on him to not chug. After a looooooooooooong waiting time, Roel Ken and Ziad Ken were ready. After securing their puke bucket, we all headed to to the sportscantine terrace, where they braved the intense Dutch cold and began their chugs. After an intense battle, they both finished their pitchers at almost the same time, and proceeded to enjoy the rest of their day recovering. As always, Kens always appreciate support, and we wish all Barbies good luck in their games!




Wedstrijd info

Thuis team Heren 10
Gast team Vrivo Heren 3
Datum 23-03-2024 15:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Locatie Universitair Sportcentrum
Drienerlolaan 5
7522NB Enschede
Uitslag 4 - 0
Sets 25-12, 25-16, 25-22, 25-16