A tragic beach off


Dear Barbies,

We had a tough match this time. We barely lost the first set but we brought it back with a streak on 11-0 in the second set. But then after a lot of slip 'n slide due to their slippery halls in pathmos hall, we got disoriented and could not see the goal anymore and threw the set. It was all downhill from there with our morale low and thisseas leaving to go play a table tennis match. With that our spirits were destroyed, but we at least had gents 2 in our hearts to support on the field right next to us.

PS: Sorry the blog is so late, we sent it by letter by one of our own mailman Kens. However the halls were so sliperry we could not even get out of the hall after our match.


Twente 05 was having a jive

We felt as if we were barely alive

Second set we could have won

But by then we were completely done

After the game roel went home longing of his future wife

Wedstrijd info

Thuis team Twente '05 Heren 3
Gast team Heren 10
Datum 14-12-2023 19:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Locatie Pathmoshal
Veilingstraat 20
7545LZ Enschede
Uitslag 4 - 0
Sets 25-21, 25-20, 25-17, 25-22