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Cheerleaders Ladies 2 destroying Apollo8 in Borne after night of drinking

Hey there! Well, let me tell you about the epic volleyball showdown we had in Borne against Apollo8 Dames 6. Picture this: Harambee Ladies 2, decked out in our cheerleader-themed gear, brought the party to the court during our team weekend in Denekamp.   Now, you know it's a special game when the whole squad shows up ready to play after a night of partying. Our coach, Philip, was off doing his thing in another game, but that didn't stop us. We were on fire!   The game kicked off with us dominating the fir... Lees meer

Dames 2 | 27-12-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

so many up´´´ s and downs, it's nearly a mountain

De laatste race van het kalender jaar stond alweer voor de deur. Dit betekent ook weer een laatste literair hoogstandje om uw SOG te voeden. Alvast graag gedaan. Rustzeggend konden wij van start gaan, wetende dat winterkampioenschap al niet meer in zich was. Zoals dit jaar al meerdere keren is gebleken is de rechter voor vleugel een van de struikelpunten van de opstellingsbriefjes. Al wordt struikelen over een afwezige vleugel aardig lastig. Niet alleen aan de rechterkant maar ook aan de linkerkant was het ... Lees meer

Heren 3 | 17-12-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Scooby and the Scuderia

Heren 2 - Heren 3      0-4       20-25, 20-25, 13-25, 26-28   Today the SF-23 outpaced the mystery van in an competition that disappointed all the members of the scooby gang. Throughout the entire match Heren 3 maintained a strong hold of the scoreboard, and even in the fourth set when things appeared to be in our favor they were able to hold on and guarantee the complete victory. As members of the same organization we would like to congratulate them for the fantastic play througout the match, espec... Lees meer

Heren 2 | 12-12-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Apollo 8 HS3 vs HS2

Apollo 8 HS3 vs HS2:    1-3      27-25, 21-25, 20-25, 23-25   Despite a rocky start to the match, this was a much greater display of consistency especially compared to the match against Gents 3. Excluding the first set, there were no other moments where it appeared that Apollo would really take full control over any set. This game was strongly defined by an imbalance between the middles on both teams. With weaker opposition, careful passing, as well as intelligent setting the team was able to secure m... Lees meer

Heren 2 | 12-12-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Nice match but unfortunate

With a really nice teamdinner in our bellies we started the match with high energy and a bit sick bcause of the full stomachs. Against mix 11 was a really exciting match, with two fingers in our nose we won the first set with 25-17. Keeping up the nice work, the second set was again ours with a close call of 25-23. There was a little dip in the energy, so unfortunately the third set was theirs with 14-25. The fourth set was a nip and tuck race and unfortunately they won with a 2 point difference, 25-27. So ... Lees meer

Mix 7 | 01-12-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Another win for ladies 7!

On Saturday the 18th of November it was time again to shine! There was a match planned against Fysio Engbersen Aastad Dames 5 (what a tall name), the number 4 in the competition. With almost everyone present, it was time to start the match.   The first set was very exciting and really close. Unfortunately, we lost this set with 27-25. The second set we came back and won 25-16. The third set we lost with 25-21.  Of course we wanted to play a fifth set, wo we tried extra hard in the fourth set to come back.... Lees meer

Dames 7 | 01-12-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

EZ win 4-0

We like to congratulate mix 3, mix 2 and 10 with their win today. With great enthusiasm we start the first set, we would love to win all of the sets this game. This would give us a good chance of going into the winners pool. The first set was very tense with only a 2 point difference. However, the sad truth was that we lost. We think it was due to us not eating together today and leaving the teamspirit at the dinner table. We tried to remember the previous game dinner to get some more teamspirit as we went ... Lees meer

Mix 7 | 01-12-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

First game of the season

It was the 10th of October, the day we knew it would come, a fresh new team with a young spirit, but with quite some experience, and some new blood. We started the day with the game in mind. We were excited for our first game, even though we didn't had our team shirts yet, we had the same goal: WIN. After a nice dinner and watching some games to get in to the game and discuss our tactics. Next we could warm up and the first set could start. Tom had won the rock paper scissors (always rock, right?) And I rem... Lees meer

Mix 7 | 01-12-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

A Set-up for a great match

A ter our very first match, and our very first loss, we arrived at the sport centre to set up the fields for the coming match.  Feeling optimistic, we started our first set strong, which was rewarded with the victory of the first match!!  We continued our strong game, since we won the second set while keeping our opponents under the ten points! And that was not were it ended for the beautifully green mix 7, since won not two, not three, but all four sets!! We would like to thank mix 1 for the great game! ... Lees meer

Mix 7 | 01-12-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

A costly victory

Coming off a high with the 4-0 win against mix 1, we were ready to demolish mix 9, and it started out great!! We one the first 2 sets quite convincingly, but then the third set was a close set that we barely lost. And despite our best efforts we lost the fourth set aswell. So a final 5 set came, and went. We won quite convincingly. We should have won 3-1 to get those points for the winnerspoule, unfortunately it's all up to the last two matches now... Lees meer

Mix 7 | 01-12-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

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