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The disaster at Denekamp

On Friday the 29th we got our orders. We were to head out to Denekamp and destroy our enemy: TiMaX/DeVoKo Heren 1! Getting in our highly mobile vehicles we encountered very little resistance on our way there, and we managed to take the enemy by surprise. The Denekampers quickly recovered and surprised us by hammering us in the first two sets. In the third set we tasted blood, the old men were tired and we were ready to strike! We managed to get a huge lead (15-05). Our first set of the season got thrown in ... Lees meer

Heren 7 | 09-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

The second 4-0 for ladies 7!

Another week, another match. The team dinner was nice, and the vide was good, so we were ready to go! But our opponent was late, so we had to wait anxiously for their arrival. Six young girls walked onto the pitch, no coach, no substitutes. The six young girls turned out to be decent players as individuals, but were not very coherent as a team. When you put that against us, a well oiled machine, the score was already predetermined to turn out in our favour. The real match for us was the question, how many p... Lees meer

Dames 7 | 09-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Possible rule change?

Dear Moffel and Viertje fans,   Already a bit more then a week ago, our second match took place. We had to go to Bentelo, of which Tom thought it was way too far, so he decided not to join. Luckily, Inez was able to step up and help us out. Therefore, we had a nice dinner, and went off to the match in time.... Just kidding, there has to be a bit of sensation in Moffel and Viertje, and therefore Julia decided to join a bit too late. The nice preparation turned into thinking of a backup line-up during the ri... Lees meer

Dames 4 | 09-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Big losses in battle against Saasveldia

Last Saturday, we faced off against the mighty Saasveldia Heren 1, who are sitting pretty at the top of the leaderboard. Even though we had a couple of players from other teams helping us out, it was still a tough match. The scoreboard wasn't kind to us, with Saasveldia taking four straight sets, 12-25, 10-25, 13-25, and 19-25. However, there's a silver lining here. We're learning and improving with every game, and that's what keeps us motivated. Our next showdown is on Friday, October 13th, against Webton ... Lees meer

Heren 7 | 09-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Catastrophic beachlanding against Eurosped Pollux

Our landing at the start of the season began with a match against Eurosped Pollux. We had to wait a bit longer than expected because all the teams playing before us decided that it was a nice idea to have a fifth set. In the first set, we started off fine being the first to reach 25 points! Our opponent had 24 points at the time and managed to beat us in this set. The 'beating us' part continued for the rest of the match, but we did come up with a great yell. After the match, we had a delightful teamdate wi... Lees meer

Heren 7 | 09-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

First win of the season

Harambee HS 2 VS Eurosped Pollux HS 1        3-1      25-18, 22-25, 25-15, 25-13 As our oponents were placed similarly to us in the league, this was an important match for us to establish our position in our pool. From the beggining we felt confident that we could take the fight to them, rather than have to respond to their performance. Keeping energies high throughout the match, led us to conquering our first victory. In the last two sets we took complete control over the match and left Eurosped Pol... Lees meer

Heren 2 | 06-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Swieber stole all our stuff!

On the lovely evening of Friday the 29th of September, ladies 7 had a match plannend against Devoc Dames 4 in Delden. With the winning of 4-0 of the last match in their mind, there was a lot of good hopes for winning this match too.  But then suddenly some weird things were happening with some stuff of us… We almost forgot our balls?! We had to make a little detour but eventually almost all of us made it to the train. Except for Merijn and Janneke who had to get the balls. What a filthy move of you Swieb... Lees meer

Dames 7 | 05-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

⛩️ Tight fight at Deventer Dojo

On a sunny Saturday afternoon the brave warriors of Harambee men's 1 gathered for a journey towards Deventer Dojo. A battle on the volleyball court awaits us. Our opponent, Avior men's 2, greets us with familiarity in the form of Leon. The first set began with Avior men's 2 looking quite ready for the fight, launching powerful attacks and sharp strikes that pierced through the Harambee defense. With their valiant efforts to fend off every assault, Harambee veiled through with a blocking frenzy and stopped m... Lees meer

Heren 1 | 03-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Missing Man Mystery

Rivo-Harambee 2  4-0  27-25 25-15 25-14 25-20 The team was already aware that our opponents were formidabile, especially after their showing against Heren 3 last week. Despite specialized preparations to deal with their squad we still faced issues dealing with their team, who was already more experienced playing with eachother. Despite this, and the loss of every set in the match, we identified that the team continues to make steady progress and improvements. Each game we feel a little more cohesive. In m... Lees meer

Heren 2 | 02-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Limited space for beautiful peaks

After playing our first match last week, we have now completed our second match, which also happened to be our first away game. Just like you cannot start preparing for Christmas early enough, we arrived at the hall in Saasveld well in time. However, the door was still locked, and the key had to be fetched first. This did not deter us from starting our own Christmas party; while we waited outside, the first notes of "All I Want for Christmas" filled the air. As we were changing inside, we added to our wish ... Lees meer

Dames 3 | 02-10-2023

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