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second home weekend

Last Friday we had our second home game of the season. We started with a lovely dinner, read pasta pesto, at Anouk's house. Luckily for us, this was close to the sports centre since the weather was shit. But this could not ruin our good mood. We could play for the first time in our shiny new shirts!! All the reason to make a nice picture again! As for the game itself, we had to play against the number one. They have never lost a set this season and already played 3 games. It looked to be a nice game. The fi... Lees meer

Dames 5 | 02-11-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag


Our opponents will once again resemble Norris and Piastri, so we should be aware of some serious competition. Looking at their team picture though, their media department is definitely not from this decade.   Our team car is still missing its entire front-right wing (last seen in Indonesia) and some fast components are missing from the nose. Mr. Oei has been assigned to fix the wing problem. We have also procured the services of mr. Germanov, to assist him with that and mr..Luimes to adjust the front attac... Lees meer

Heren 3 | 31-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Same Ken, New Beach

This weekend, it was once again time for us to Ken things up in our match vs Devoc Gents 3. This time, team Ken was looking different than usual. It felt like looking into a mirror, because Pablo Ken was playing opposite to his opposite position, he was now playing as 😱 diagonal 😱. Even more shocking was that one of our middle Kens, Quincy Ken, took a few steps to the left and was playing as an outside hitter. We entered the match with much Kenfidency, as our coach Timon Ken told us that our spry kne... Lees meer

Heren 10 | 30-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

The echoing victory

Yes, the 4th match of this season has been again. This match we played in beautiful (almost German) Langeveen. The beginning of the match was a great success, not only by volleyball but also by handball. Also some lovely balls were pumped into the opponent's field. There was no room for the referee or the spike on the Christmas tree (we unfortunately noticed this a few times with passes as well), but the minimal space off the court was compensated by their open center hole. The cozy Christmas atmosphere aft... Lees meer

Dames 3 | 27-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

A battle between the coaches

It’s Friday, theeeen it’s time for a match again! This time we had to play against Webton ladies 5. Since the match was in Hengelo, we could go by bike this time. Unfortunately, Swieber stole the good weather so when we arrived at the sports hall we were fully doorweekt and cold. This was also not the only thing that was taken by Swieber, he also took Sanne’s socks. That is not very nice of you Swieber! At the warming-up, we were not really intimidated by the opponent. So we started the first set with... Lees meer

Dames 7 | 15-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

One Step Back

Gemini HS 1 vs Harambee HS 2 3-1 25-19 22-25 25-18 25-11 Despite our victory last week, we had trouble maintaining our stride. Although we believe that the team continues to improve, we are firmly aware that we are fighting the clock to try and solidify our chemistry and consistency. When we have our stride and our heads in the right place, we are very successful. We found ourselves in many moments making consecutive mistakes. Quick Summary: Set 1: The set was quite competitive. Due to some silly mistakes t... Lees meer

Heren 2 | 14-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Damage on the front right-wing

Last week, there was a real home grand prix at the UT sports complex. Despite it being another true home race, the race took place on a different circuit, much to the disappointment of our tactical gentlemen within the team due to the blinding lights.   This week, the combination of Alpine and Williams co-drivers managed to qualify in the 2nd position, allowing them to go head-to-head with the absolute crowd favorite on Saturday, Harambee Ferradrie. The stands slowly filled up, drums were brought out, voic... Lees meer

Heren 3 | 13-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Almost the Kenback of the century

In our first match against non harambee opponents, we were PUMPED to show how hard we tried during practice. All our lives we've been so polite, it was time to strike back. As we stepped on the field, our more experienced opponents saw the man behind the tan, and immediatly knew where our skills would lack. We tried our absolute bestest in the first set, but we just couldn't feel the KENergy. In the second set, we just couldn't find our synergy. Disheartened, we were ready to accept defeat. Suddenly, in our... Lees meer

Heren 10 | 11-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

The first win with a Christmas touch!

On Friday evening, the third match of the season brought both volleyball and a touch of Christmas spirit. Although we thought we would have a cozy evening with the entire team, we unfortunately had to do it without a sick teammate. However, this didn't stop us from approaching the game with full energy. Before the match, we gave a card to the referee, not a yellow or red one, but a Christmas card. This was in honor of Week of the Referee. After wishing success to the opponents, the match began. The first se... Lees meer

Dames 3 | 10-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Going for some golf with Markel-Up HS1🏌️

Last friday, the gents of Fore met up at the clubhouse for a good session of golfing against Markel-Up HS1. After a refreshing coffee at the clubhouse, we headed to the green. For the first hole, we beat Markel-Up to it with a hole in one ⛳. However, in the next three holes, Markel-Up beat us to it and the day ended with 1 hole for the gents of Fore and 3 holes for Markel-Up. It was not the result we hoped for, but it was a great day on the green. FORE!🏌️... Lees meer

Heren 4 | 09-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

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